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"Experience the very best

 Irish Smoked Atlantic Salmon."

David Browne

By marrying old traditions to modern equipment to produce a beautiful tender and succulent texture and smooth aromas along with delicate flavours our Smoked Salmon has stood the test of time!

Smoked with a traditional recipe from the mouth of one of our most famous rivers

The Blackwater.

About Us

The River Blackwater  has been one of Irelands most famous and important salmon fisheries throughout history, flowing from its source in the Mullaghareirk mountains in Kerry through the mineral rich golden vale  farmland of south Munster. It has sustained generation after generation with its rich bounty of Wild Atlantic Salmon which returned to their birth place to spawn.

At the mouth of the river lies the fishing town of Youghal where since time recorded the locals have caught and cured the salmon and other fish to sustain them through the long winters.

Inspired by the rich heritage of his hometown David Browne has been smoking fish in the family business since the mid 1980’s.

While the rich harvest of the Blackwater is no longer available, we now only source the finest salmon which are farmed sustainably off the west coast of Ireland and Scotland where the cold strong currents of the Atlantic ocean help produce the healthy lean and firm fish required to produce the perfect ingredient for our smoked salmon

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Contact us

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